NBR 10.004 Solid Waste - Classification
NBR 10.005 Solubilizattion of waste Leaching
NBR 10.006 Solubilizattion of waste
NBR 10.007 Solubilizattion of waste Sample
NBR 10.703 Terminology of degradation of the soil
NBR 12.988 Liquid Free - Verification by Sample residue

Landfill / industrial

NBR 10.004 Presentation of Landfill waste projects
(NB 842) Industrial Hazardous
NBR 8419 Presentation of the landfill project Urban Solid Waste
NBR 10.157 Landfill Hazardous Waste - Criteria for Projects Construction and Operation
P4.240 Presentation Projects Industrial Landfill
L1.030 Waterproofing membranes and Waste Determination of
Compatibility - Test method
NBR 13.896 Non-Hazardous Waste Landfill - Criteria for Design, Implementation
and Operation (Awaiting publication as a standard)

Waste Treatment

L10.101 Industrial Solid Waste / Soil treatment
NB 1265 Solid Waste Incineration of Hazardous Performance Standards
NB 13.894 Ground Handling (landfarming)

Presentation of Projects Inceneradores Hazardous Waste
Presentation of Projects to Inceneradores Burns Hospital Waste
Presentation of Projects Treatment by Soil Infiltration and landfarming

Storage / Transport

NB 98 Storage and Handling of Flammable and fuels
NBR 7505 Storage of Liquid Petroleum Products
NB 1183 Solid Waste Storage Hazardous
NB 1264 Waste Storage Class II Non-inert and III - Inert
NBR 13.221 Waste Transport
NA-004 Licensing of Transport and Storage Pentaclorofenos
and / or Sodium Pentaclorofenato
NBR 7500 Transport of Dangerous Goods - Symbols
NBR 7501 Transport of Dangerous Goods - Terminology
NBR 7502 Transport of Dangerous Goods - Classification
NBR 7503 Form Emergency Transport of Dangerous Goods
NBR 7504 Envelope for Transport of Dangerous Goods Dimensions and Uses


PNB 160306-007 Residues in Soil - Determination of Biodegradatio the respirometric method
NBR 13.895 Monitoring Wells and Sampling
NBR 8371 Mites to Transformers and Capacitors
PNB 160303005 Destination of polychlorinated biphenyls
L1.022 Biotechnological products for Treatment Wastewater, Solid Waste and Recovery of contaminated sites - Procedures
E15.011 System for Waste Incineration Health Service
NBR 12.807 Waste Health Services - Terminology
NBR 12.808 Waste Health Services - Classification
NBR 12.809 Waste Handling Health Services
NBR 12.810 Waste Collection lth Services